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Dental Records Vinyl

Dental Records Vinyl

17,50 €
12" 45rpm vinyl of the first EP of Heavy Menthol
Pressed on transparent vinyl with marbeling and cream color.
First pressing edition of 300.

1. Calamity 04:00
2. Drinks with HR 04:11
3. Mortgages 04:39
4. The Receiding Hairline Of Belzebub 03:08

released May 19, 2017

Copyright Heavy Menthol 2017
Vocals / guitar: Carl Addy
Guitar / vocals: mcbess
Drums / vocals: Matt Christensen
Produced by Alexis Muffat-Meridol & Heavy Menthol
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Alexis Muffat-Meridol

license - all rights reserved

Genre: metal punk rock psychedelic stoner rock London