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Seabass Vinyl

Seabass Vinyl

25,00 €
This LP is a beautiful shade of transparent light turquoise

1. At the love camp - 05:56
2. Fully torqued - 03:54
3. Grand dada is drinking - 04:59
4. Fruit shaped penis - 01:50
5. The croisettes hoes - 03:52
6. Hell yacht ( Le bateau a pute ) - 05:38
7. Auribeau's shore / A8 by night - 04:27
8. Caumont city beach - 03:52
9. Where Ranguin meets la Frayère - 02:43
10. Love around the camp fire - 03:57

Mcbaise has been described as “ probably the best thing to ever come out of Cannes”, originally from the south coast of France and now living in London his style has been heavily influenced by both places to create a kind of smooth yacht rock. Seabass is his first album, recorded in Cannes with the help of his cousin Mcbess, trying to capture the boredom and the nostalgia of being in their hometown.

released June 18, 2014

produced by Dirty Melody
license - all rights reserved

Genre: alternative beach rock slacker smooth summer yacht yacht rock