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Dental Records Vinyl

Dental Records Vinyl

12" 45rpm vinyl of the first EP of Heavy Menthol
Pressed on transparent vinyl with marbeling and cream color.
First pressing edition of 300.

1. Calamity 04:00
2. Drinks with HR 04:11
3. Mortgages 04:39
4. The Receiding Hairline Of Belzebub 03:08

released May 19, 2017

Copyright Heavy Menthol 2017
Vocals / guitar: Carl Addy
Guitar / vocals: mcbess
Drums / vocals: Matt Christensen
Produced by Alexis Muffat-Meridol & Heavy Menthol
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Alexis Muffat-Meridol

license - all rights reserved

Genre: metal punk rock psychedelic stoner rock London